Fort Walton Beach (26-29 July, 2017) – The State of Florida’s newest professional boxing company kicked off a mini-training camp, promotional shoot, and launch party for its fighters and staff. Asafo Crown Promotions, LLC was established in June of 2017 but the road to becoming professional promoters was not sought out by Duane and Tiffany Vandross. The idea of this promotion company seems to be more of a calling, manna from The Most High if you will.

The couple started this journey together in 2015, unknowingly, as Duane begin to manage professional boxers. Having difficulty landing bouts for over a year, he approached his wife with the idea to create a business partnership and establish their own professional boxing company.

Asafo Crown has four featured fighters. You can learn more about the fighters in the “featured fighters” tab. They are Malcolm “Showstopper” Tann, Andre Penn, Ronnie “Mongoose” Baca and Nick Evans.

“We wanted to do a mini-training camp and promo-shoot mainly so the fighters can meet each other”, says Duane.

It turns out the training camp, promo shoot and launch party was the perfect kick-off celebration for bringing professional boxing back to the local area. It was not only a celebration but more or less a family affair. Duane and Tiffany put on boxing events in England, having been stationed there during a tenure overseas while serving on Active Duty military. While in England, Duane and Tiffany built close relationships with American boxers whom they’ve kept in touch with. These boxers also attended the training camp this past July.

More to come from this amazing and talented group of professionals. All of this is in preparation for their first professional boxing event in the United States. Battle-in-the Panhandle will be held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, November 18, 2017.

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