Malcolm Showstopper ​Tann

Weightclass: Heavyweight

25 6 0 14
wins losses draws kos
Birth Date: 24 August 1978 Boxing out of: Phoenix, Arizona
Birthplace: Seaboard, North Carolina Pro Debut: 3 November 2002
Height: 6'6 Stance: Orthodox
Trainers: Eddie Ochoa

Malcolm Tann started boxing in Minot North Dakota because it was cold outside and there was really nothing else to do. He was a natural standing at 6’6 and already very athletic having played high school football in his home state of North Carolina. Malcolm saw boxing in North Dakota as a way to get out of the cold state altogether. He would eventually be able to try out for the All-Air Force Boxing team which is where his amateur career took-off. Malcolm would eventually qualify to compete on the World Class Athlete Program and soon after he was invited to participate in the 1998 Goodwill Games. Not only were the Games aired on HBO, Hall of Fame Boxer Roy Jones, Jr. happened to be one of the announcers. Malcolm had only been boxing for 8 months when he fought world renowned Felix Savon at the Games who would go on to win three Olympic Gold Medals. Malcolm would take the Bronze and stated this was one of his best early experiences amateur boxing. Malcolm would end his amateur career winning one of the most prestigious National tournaments non-Olympic year. Having no heavyweight sparring partners prior to the 2002 National Golden Gloves, he would depend on his Fort Walton Beach gym mates who were just 147 and 132 pounders. He says it was them who gave him the ability to move and punch at the pace of lightweights and he credits them with being a part of the reason he won the 2002 National Golden Gloves Super-Heavyweight Championship. Malcolm made his professional debut 2002 after being honorably discharged from military service. In his first bout, Malcolm would score a brutal knockout that was also featured on ESPNs Top 100 knockouts of the Year. Malcolm is a boxer-puncher who can do both at a very high level. For a heavyweight who stands at 6’6 weighing 235 lbs. he moves like a lightweight and carries power and strength well with his size. Malcolm Tann is family to Asafo Crown Promotions and is excited to partner and fight for the new company in hopes of being in competition for a Heavyweight Title by 2019.


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